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Let Stress Heal Your Life book cover Carole Fawcett is a combination of an excellent writer and talented editor. Something like an architect and interior designer, rather rare to find both in one person. Not only does she possess the eagle eye to spot the typographical and grammatical errors that I may have missed after several re-reads, but her suggestions as to sentence restructure can produce a clear meaning I may have struggled for hours to birth. As a writer, knowing Carole is waiting in the wings gives me more freedom to just write. I'm confident she will build my creation on a foundation of punctuation, grammar, spelling and word structure so as to produce an experience for the reader which flows on smooth pavement rather than a bumpy ride.

Additionally, Carole is a fine human being. She is knowledgeable, varied in life experience, loyal, committed, truthful, dependable and all-round wonderful person to encounter whether long or short term.

Frances Teagan
Author: You are Born to Bounce Back

I recently signed a contract with a highly regarded Literary Agent out of Edmonton, Alberta to help promote and publish my latest work, "Is This the Life You Imagined.... What if You Were Wrong?". My book is a 290 page interactive journey, a journey of self exploration. I can say without any reservations what so ever, because of the phenomenal work Carole Fawcett ( Facebook page - Word Affair) did in editing my manuscript, it greatly enhanced my opportunities in securing a literary agent.
For anyone wanting to write a book or wanting any significant document or report edited, I would highly recommend Carole. She's a consummate professional who takes great pride in working with you ( the author) to make sure your work is presented with incredible detail, flow and clarity.
It truly was a pleasure working with this very talented lady.

Randy Kolibaba

Let Stress Heal Your Life book cover

Carole Fawcett did the second edit of my book and I found her to be highly professional, provide excellent service and meet timelines. She did a great job sorting out Canadian, American and English spelling and punctuation - there are huge differences that I was completely unaware of - so that everything became consistent.

Gillian Padgett
Author: Let Stress Heal Your Life

Finding the Light in Dementia book cover I have had the greatest fortune in being recommended Carole Fawcett's editing service for my first book -'Finding the light in Dementia'. Carole's suggestions and observations have been absolutely sound where she has managed to make her proposed changes sound like me! The fact that Carole is a qualified counsellor has proven invaluable in understanding and helping me communicate the ethos and nature of my work through my writing, where her involvement has also helped me feel less isolated as a writer. She is professional, personable and very responsive. I feel that I know Carole well, albeit only over the airwaves at the moment but feel a deep connection to her through our work together. Thank you Carole

Jane Mullins, Dementia Nurse Consultant
Author: Finding the Light in Dementia

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