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Your fingers tap dance across the keys

Spilling stories onto hungry pages

Filling afternoons with prose

Your soul flung open like a window

Sunlight streaming in.

Kathy R. Jeffords

Hello and thanks for stopping in.

I am a seasoned writer and editor whose work has appeared in national and regional publications such as ALIVE Magazine, Okanagan Life Magazine, Okanagan Health and Wellness as well as co-authoring a book entitled, "Hypnotic Women".

Locally, I contribute a monthly column to a community newspaper called, "Boomer Talk" and have been a featured writer in the 'over 55' segment of this newspaper. I also create newsletters, personal and business letters, promotional pages and web words for agencies, individuals and companies. As you can tell, I LOVE working with words. Big words, tiny words, almost unpronounceable words, funny words and plain ol' regular words.

I am a Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. These dual careers allow me to combine my love of words with psychology in using the psychology of words to impact readers of all ages. I understand the value of word therapy when an author asks me to edit their work.

My areas of interest are self-help and non-fiction books. To find out if I'm a good fit for your writing project, I would be happy to do a sample edit of several pages for $25 USD and provide you with an estimate for the complete project based on a fee of $35 USD/hour for copy editing

Carole + Words = Word Affair

Call or text me today. I would love to help you with your words. 250.550.0316

Carole Fawcett, Counsellor



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